Two Way Smart Switch

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Control your home appliances with the app


Model: IM190416001




Features & Functions

Control your home appliances with the app.
Ask devices to turn on/off just by a voice command.
Set a time for devices to make it start or stop running automatically.
Allow developers to flash the firmware to access more features they want.
Support the rocker light switch to control devices (self-return switch not included).
Create smart scenes to trigger groups of SONOFF devices on/off via tapping on your phone.
Make an action to trigger another or receive a message alert to your phone.
Share the device with your family to control it together.
Check the device status change on your phone in real time.
Run the device on your phone albeit no normal Wi-Fi connection.
Keep the device in the status before power failure when the electricity system is restored.


Voltage range: 100V~240V AC(50/60Hz)
Max. current: 210A
Max. wattage: 2200W
Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC
Product size: 42.6*42.6*20mm
Package size: 48*46*30mm
Net/Gross weight: 42g / 45g
Enclosure material: Fire-retardant PC V0